Classic meets quality

We manufacture our headlights with great attention to detail. High quality materials and top workmanship. Of course, everything with valid E-mark and approved for road use.

R107 headlights in a top quality, both in manual version with 6-pin plug (ideal also for conversion in US models) and in the version for headlamp leveling with 5-pin plug

Version for headlight range adjustment with 5-pin plug

You will receive these headlights complete with the pneumatic adjustment and the E-set incl. sockets pre-assembled and therefore ready for installation.
Furthermore, they are already equipped with high-quality Osram light sources

Manual version with 6-pin plug

You will receive these headlights completely pre-assembled with E-set and sockets and therefore ready for installation.
Furthermore, they are already equipped with high-quality Osram lamps.

Especially suitable for the conversion of US models !
These headlights have the advantage that they are already wired accordingly. The only thing left to do is to connect the earth cable coming from the vehicle to the brown cable of the headlights.

Then the headlights are already connected correctly, including turn signals and parking lights.

Great quality

Almost the same materials as the original in combination with high-quality workmanship characterise this headlamp. Even the weight is almost identical.

In our shop, you can order your R107 headlights and tail lights in a top quality that even surpasses that of the original equipment, at the time by Bosch, according to many experts.


You can also obtain high-quality diffusion lenses and seals for the rear lights from our own production. These are not only suitable for repairing defective tail lights, but also for converting US models. Of course, these tail lights have valid E-markings and are approved for road traffic.

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