R107 conversion

Retrofitting your “Mercedes R107” with headlights and taillights from classparts.de

There are automobiles that are built to last.
Already when they came on the market, they enraptured experts as well as car fans worldwide.
The VW Beetle, the Citroën DS, the Porsche 911, the Saab 900 and the Mercedes R107 belong to this category of the unforgettable.
With the R107, Mercedes built a roadster or coupe from 1971,
that should become the style-defining feature of the Mercedes-Benz design of the 1970s.
Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find suitable spare parts for such classic cars.
Classparts.de has now closed the gap. The specialist from Dortmund builds headlights and taillights for the Mercedes R107 for conversion.
Classparts.de sells them throughout Germany and internationally. Because they have not been available at Mercedes-Benz for a long time.
CEO: “We tackled this project with a lot of passion and patience”. Because it was clear:
We absolutely wanted to adhere to the manufacturing and material standards of the time in such a way that we fulfill the often-stressed term of “OEM quality” in every respect.
“It was more than successful.
Several prototypes were built, some ideas were rejected. Then, after 1.5 years, the conversion part for the R107 could go into series production.

The experts were impressed by the quality at the Techno-Classica
The specialist audience, for example at Techno-Classica, the trade fair for classic cars, classic and prestige automobiles in Essen, was thrilled.
“Many even found the quality of the headlights better than those with which Bosch had equipped the car at the time,” says Bernd Fink.
The R / C 107 Club, which has over 5000 members and is officially recognized by Mercedes Benz Club Management, also makes a recommendation.

More than 250,000 R / C 107 cars were built from 1971 to 1989, R stands for the Roadster version, C for the Coupé.
In 1985, the designers equipped the classic with a new six-cylinder engine.
Then as now, the classic car is a car that has been cared for and looked after a thousand times around the world,
which is also an excellent investment. In times of zero interest, this is always an exciting and rewarding option for true car lovers.
Conversion an R107 from the USA protects against problem.

The Americans were interested in the R107 that made them a star. For example, in films and TV series, Bobby Ewing drove this car through Texas in “Dallas”,
also, Jennifer and Jonathan Hart in ” Hard but warm “. Swarm of women, Richard Gere curves through Los Angeles as a callboy in “American Gigolo”.
There are a significant number of R107 enthusiasts in Germany and Europe who buy this car from the United States,
Due to the mild climate in the country’s sunny states, many cars from there are in a sensationally good condition.
The problem, The US exports at that time were equipped and shipped without headlight range adjustment,
within Europe the Mercedes R107 was provided with this regulation.