R107 taillights

The connoisseur buys taillights for the classic Mercedes R107 from classparts.de

Sometimes classic car fans need a lot of patience to get certain spare parts for their vehicles. For many classics, there are fan clubs that are well networked and in which the members exchange live discussions on the topic.
However, if the spare parts you need are no longer available and the manufacturer has stopped producing them for a long time, even though these experts are often suffering losses.
It was almost impossible to get taillights and headlights for the Mercedes R107 sport cars. Mercedes has not been producing them for a long time.
Thanks to the classparts.de which these times are over. You can order these high-quality lights from shop of the online retailer in Dortmund.
The corrugated taillights were one of the hallmarks of the Mercedes R107 sports car, which was in the production line from 1971 to 1989 and exported in large numbers to the USA under the name W107.
The design of this classic, available as a roadster or coupé, was a style-defining feature for the Mercedes-Benz automobiles of the 1970s.
Incidentally, it was the last Mercedes that showed itself glorious with plenty of chrome, especially on the bumpers, on the radiator grille and on the window frames.

After 1.5 years of development, headlights and taillights went into production

Bernd Fink is the CEO of classparts.de and he himself is a lover and owner of classic cars. The supply gap with headlights and taillights for the R107 had been known to him for a long time,
He started his project in late 2017. After a number of prototypes and diligent trials, the lighting was able to go into production a year and a half later.
Managing director: “We are specialized in producing high-quality vehicle lighting and seals using the manufacturing and material standards of the time.”
At the end of the project, there are spare parts for the R107 in original quality

The result is a high quality and true to the original, which does justice to this special car in every respect. It does not differ from the original equipment from Bosch. “Some experts even thought that our product was better,
which of course makes us very happy,” says CEO.
Of course, there are also suitable seals as spare parts for the R107’s typically corrugated taillights for left and right, which can be ordered separately.

Everyone can recognize the R107 from the corrugated taillights

If you see the broadband headlights of a Mercedes R107 in the rear-view mirror, you can immediately see who is following you there.
The rear lights appear just as striking if you can follow this sports car. The Mercedes 107 thus joins the phalanx of unmistakable automobiles as a roadster or coupé –
such as a Porsche 911, a VW Beetle or a Citroën DS, they are masterpieces in automotive engineering. By the way, from the beginning of the 1970s, you could always be curious to see who got out of an R107,
because of the elegant runabout they quickly became a “fancy darling”, title on t-online article. The first drivers included Dracula actor Christopher Lee, “baby” Uschi Glas and the impressive Curd Jürgens.