R107 Spareparts

Spare parts for the R107: headlights and taillights are finally available again

In the long history of Mercedes Benz automobiles, the sports car R107 writes a particularly long and successful chapter.
For 19 years it was built as a roadster or coupé in Swabia, 250,000 speedsters rolled off the assembly line, most of which were exported to the USA.
Spare parts for the R107 are generally still available, but there have been major problems with the procurement of headlights and taillights in recent years.
Classparts.de from Dortmund closes this gap. The online retailer has redeveloped these spare parts. After 1.5 years of testing they went into production.

You can order your spare parts in the form of headlights and taillights for the R107 very conveniently online, you will be able to assemble them within a few working days,
which, with the help of the supplied cable sets, the appropriate plugs and the illuminants from Osram, will not pose a manual problem. If you don’t have time or desire yourself,
Retrofitting or retrofitting your R107, every workshop will be happy to have a short visit to this popular sports car and get the job done quickly.

The experts are enthusiastic about the quality of the classparts.de product

Bernd Fink, CEO of classparts.de, tackled his project for the R107 ambitiously: “We wanted to adhere to the manufacturing and material standards of the time so that we can meet the highest standards.
”We succeeded, and there was correspondingly positive to enthusiastic feedback from experts, for example at the Techno-Classica in Essen in early 2019.
“Many experts praised our lighting spare parts for the R107 and found them even better than the original parts that Bosch had supplied at the time,” reports CEO.
From the official and recognized fan club for the 107 as a roadster and coupe, there is a clear purchase recommendation for the spare parts from classparts.de. Around 5000 members belong to the club.
The headlights and taillights are made in Taiwan, products from the Far East island have a much better reputation than those from China,
Well-known manufacturers of lamps and illuminants have had their products manufactured in Taiwan for a long time.

R107 spare parts also as headlights for the US variant W107

For the US market, Mercedes built the sports car under the name W107 and equipped it with different headlights than the European vehicles. The cars for overseas therefore have no headlight range control and, as a result,
do not have the European Union’s E-test mark.
If you re-import a 107 from the USA – and these are not a few classic car fans – you should have it converted and order headlights from classparts.de that meet our standards.
Otherwise there could be problems with routine police checks or with the next main inspection at TÜV, DEKRA and Co. So, if you convert your US speedster in time, can save fines and annoyance.


We all at Classparts are proud to help you to fullfill your Restauration Project.