W107 Headlamps

This car fascinates every car lover and even young people who see the classic car for the first time to take a close look:
We’re talking about the Mercedes sports car R107 who wrote a very strong chapter in the company’s history from 1971 to 1989. 250,000 cars were built,
most of them went to the USA under the name W107 and were partially modified compared to the R107.
That applied to the engine, gearbox, bumpers and headlights of the W107 export cars.

Re-imports from the USA are not approved because of the headlights

Unlike the R107 for the European market, the W107 are not equipped with headlight range control.
This is not a problem for drivers in the USA, but it is for lovers who want to import a 107 from the USA. Because the headlights do not have an E-test mark and are therefore not approved by us.
For many years, headlights for the R107 and W107 were no longer available, in contrast to other spare parts for the legendary sports car.
Classparts.de has now closed this delivery gap. The online specialist from Dortmund has headlights and taillights for W107 and R107 produced again.
After 1.5 years of development and testing, the time had come that a partner company in Taiwan could be commissioned with the production.
Products from Taiwan have a better reputation than those from China, many suppliers of lamps and illuminants have had their products built on the island in the Far East for many years.

Drivers in Germany and Europe can now retrofit their R107 if headlights or taillights are defective or damaged. The quality at classparts.de is very high.
CEO Bernd Fink: “We absolutely wanted to adhere to the manufacturing and material standards of the time so that we could bring a top product Into the market.
“Obviously, this was a success because, for example, there was a lot of praise from experts at the Techno-Classica in Essen in early 2019.
Many experts found the W107 headlights from classparts.de even better than those that Bosch had supplied in the 1970s and 1980s.
There is also a buying recommendation from the official fan club of R / C 107 owners and enthusiasts.